Ruff Amsterdam Leatherpride 2013 Samstag 26.Oktober: THE PARTY IM DEPOT

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GET RUFF! The Party
IN AMSTERDAM - NO Shuttle Bus!!! Please note that the date 2013 changed to 25th October until 27th October
The main event of Leatherpride Amsterdam 2013 will be ofcourse ‘GET RUFF!!’. After being held for several years in Lexicon, Zaandijk, ‘GET RUFF!!’ is back in the city where it all begun: Amsterdam!

‘GETRUFF!!’ will transform this years venue (a warehouse) located in the city Amsterdam (reachable by tram and bike) in to a place where your wildest fantasies will come true. There will be a huge playroom area with all the equipment you can think of to make it a long sleazy and horny night. And for the pisspigs amongst us there will be an especially created wetroom to get as dirty as you want.

Be aware we have a strict dresscode to create the best atmosphere for you. PLease be sure to dress according to it so it will be the horniest party.


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