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6 - 11 AUG 2013

We are pleased to welcome you to the Reykjavik Pride. We emphazise that LGBTQI solidarity can only be realized universally. Thank you for joining us – thank you for adding your own special touch of colour to the rainbow shining over Reykjavík and in our hearts on this joyful weekend.

For the fifteenth time, we celebrate Reykjavik Pride. Our cozy little pride, originally visited by some fifteen hundred onlookers, has blossomed and evolved into a colourful six day celebration that attracts up to 100 thousand guests from all over the world. Reykjavík Pride is, in fact, one of the biggest small Prides in the world.

Gay Pride is an unquestionably important event for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in Iceland. The festival promotes visibility and courage and provides us with a platform to manifest our pride before our fellow citizens. The celebrations do not only mark a successful stage in our struggle; Reykjavik Pride is also one of the most vibrant and popular events in Reykjavík’s cultural calendar. By participating in the event in such large numbers, the Icelandic people have shown us valuable support, recognition and respect.

This year, we have organized a programme that runs from 6–11 August, combining a colourful array of Icelandic artists and varied events.

We hope you have a wonderful time!

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CSD KOBLENZ * 16. -17.AUGUST 2013. 17.8.-Vicky Leandros und Cindy (Von Cindy und Bert)
Österreich:HOSI LINZ: EUROPACAMP ATTERSEE 2003. LesBiGay SOMMERMEETING 2003. 04.08-10.08.2003. Nur für Menschen bis 27 Jahre

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