“Infinite Forest”: Gewinner des Greenwich-Village-AIDS-Gedächtnispark gefunden. Baugesellschaft lehnt ab.

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Der Gewinner des Gedenkwaldes ist gefunden mit dem 1.Preis wurde "Der unendliche Wald" gekürt.

AIDS Memorial Park Design Winner Chosen, But Developer Says No Thanks

In the fall of 2011 the NYC AIDS Memorial group held a design competition to solicit ideas for what the future NYC AIDS Memorial could look like. “Infinite Forest” was selected from nearly 500 submissions from around the world.

studio a+i: Mateo Paiva, Lily Lim, John Thurtle, Insook Kim, Esteban Erlich. Rendering by Guillaume Paturel

The act of memorializing the AIDS epidemic with a physical gesture goes beyond remembering and honoring the dead. AIDS is not a war, nor a disease conquered. There are no definite dates or victims. In our design process, we emphasize the changing and varied ways through which AIDS affects us personally and as a society. It is important to create a space that conveys our sense of solemn respect, remembrance and loss, without resorting to symbolism around a date, image, or names.

An infinite forest, generated by having 3 facing mirror walls along each side of the triangular block, defines the park and the memorial. There are no separate statues, sculptures or plaques. The memorial lives within the infinite reflection of the white birch trees. We hope this park will be all things to all people: the children playing in the bounds of the mirrored forest, the weary commuter seeking a respite in the midst of the city and those visitors coming in memory of their loss.

The walls isolating the park from the city act as light wells and access to the Learning Center below. By bringing sunlight into the basement via skylights, the raw utilitarian space can be transformed into a welcoming and open area for exhibition, learning and performance. The walls also taper in width, housing stairs and ramps. The main entrance is located along Seventh Avenue, continuing the now lost storefront and bringing pedestrian activity to the street through the inclusion of a bookstore and café.

Along the sidewalks, three walls clad in slate create a forum for the voice of many. Through an ephemeral nod to the chain link fence at Greenwich and 11th Street, visitors are able to give life to the stone walls through messages and images written in chalk, creating an ever-changing mural which is refreshed with every rain.

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NYC still has no significant memorial to honor its over 100,000 AIDS deaths

The New York City AIDS Memorial Park Campaign is a coalition of individuals and organizations dedicated to the recognition and preservation of the ongoing history of the AIDS crisis. In the 30th year of the epidemic, we seek to honor the more than 100,000 New York City men, women and children who have died from AIDS and to commemorate and celebrate the efforts of the caregivers and activists who responded heroically to the crisis. We represent artists, health care providers, historians, family, friends and neighbors committed to remembering the history of the crisis. Read more »
Copyright © 2012. New York City AIDS Memorial, Inc. All rights reserved.

Read more: http://www.dnainfo.com/new-york/20120130...s#ixzz22V45hQaC


Campaign ‘Aids memorial park‘: http://aidsmemorialpark.org/
Memorial park: Sieger ‘infinite forrest‘: http://aidsmemorialpark.org/winner

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